Easy and fast currency exchange
Currency exchange in Plix

Forget about a traditional exchange office, exchange your currency cheaper and faster. You don’t need a special account to do this – your Plix wallet is all you need.

100,00 PLN
23,12 EUR
How to quickly exchange your currency?
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Log in on your wallet.

Choose the CURRENCY EXCHANGE button in the top panel.

100,00 PLN

Enter the amount.

An offer for the chosen currency will appear.

Confirm the operation.

Funds in the chosen currency will appear on your account!

Learn about the benefits of currency exchange with Plix
Real-time rates

We’ve created a unique offer of currency conversions. In Plix, the exchange rate for each transaction is updated every 90 seconds. Forget about a traditional exchange office - our rates are really competitive.

Many currencies in one place

With us you can freely exchange: PLN, USD, CHF, GBP, or EUR and manage several currencies at once. We know about global payments. We offer cheap international transfers and free currency transfers between two Plix wallets.

Without any additional fees

We know that managing finances in different currencies is an everyday life for our clients. In Plix you do not pay extra for the service, currency exchanges are the basic functionality of every wallet.

Currency availability

Looking for unusual, not so popular currencies? Contact us. We'll try to help - at Plix everything is possible.

100,000P LN
23,12 EUR
Start easy payments
Start easy payments
  • Multicurrency e-wallet
  • Immediate internal transfers
  • Low-cost international transfers
  • A new exchange rate every 80 seconds
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